Vibradores, I’d like to meet the woman who invented them.

Warning!  Vibradores!
Warning! Vibradores!

Vibradores, my new-found curse.

This evil invention must have been designed by the most cruel woman. What is a ‘vibradore‘? It is a series of speed bumps which get closer together as you enter a village.

Sounds simple enough.

Sounds like a good safety device.

Sounds like a way to keep your attention alive.

Sounds like a way to have those crazy white lightning bolts on the back of your eyelids!

How does this work? the shape and design of the ‘vibradore‘ causes your testicles to rise up off the seat of your vehicle, this is then followed by a hearty ‘slap’ on the seat as you drive over them……….

The spacing seems exactly right to continue this motion while increasing in frequency and violence until your eyes will pop completely from your skull.

No man would ever have devised this torture device.

Onward and upward!

Mexico continues to amaze me at every corner – the roads have perfect camber, perfect pavement and spectacular views. All my years of questing to drive the best roads of our world have been in vain. So far every road here has been remarkable, you could spend a lifetime in the mountains, deserts and canyons here with thousands of kilometres of great driving.

And then you stop.

Every community we have stopped at has opened its arms to us – providing fabulous lunches or dinners or breakfasts.

But it’s not just eating. It’s a lifestyle. People here have a defined sense of community. They are not hunting for their next paycheck, not hunting to get the next TV, not hunting to get a new car. Everyone we meet is happy and hospitable. They exude a sense of family and a sense of quality.

Even with my terrible Spanish, the people of Mexico have shown us a heartfelt desire to be providers, not to be consumers.

We could learn a lot from these people.

When we take a drive through the smaller communities in our own backyard, many shops are closed. People move away because the drive to have more pushes us to believe that it is important. It is hard to find a restaurant or hotel in these small communities – we do not support them, they cannot survive.

Here they thrive.

We could learn a lot from these people.


2 thoughts on “Vibradores, I’d like to meet the woman who invented them.

    1. 6000 km across Mexico, 25 miles from the Guatemala border and NOW you decide to tell me this!!!!!

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