Smiles and Miles is made up of Tracey Martin (aka Smiles) and husband Miles McEwing. We’ve both been passionate international travelers since long before we met and as a couple, we have visited nearly 50 countries outside of our home in Canada. Our preference is to travel overland as much as possible, maximizing our opportunities to interact with the locals, soak in the sights, smells, and tastes of a country, and end up somewhere off of the more popular tourist tracks. We’ve now completed an “official” overland circumnavigation of the globe, having traveled from one side of the Pacific in Alaska to the other side in China via a pair of antipodal points (in Chile and China).  If we ever decide to sail across the Pacific, the journey will truly be complete. This accomplishment isn’t something we’ve aimed for, but it does blow our minds to realize just how far we’ve ventured and how much we’ve experienced along the way.

This website was established in 2011 as a way to share our experiences with family and friends as we set off on a 7-month motorcycle sidecar journey from Canada to England, via Argentina, Senegal, Scotland and 15 other countries. Though we’ve long since settled back into a somewhat normal life at home, our travels are ongoing and we’ve decided to resuscitate the website, realizing that we missed sharing our experiences – and hearing from many that they missed it too.

Thanks for joining us.  We’re thrilled to have you along from the ride.

Tracey & Miles