Baja Ha Ha

This is the sound of the two of us rolling and laughing our way down the Baja California Peninsula. Despite a giant fence and tightened U.S. border controls, the Tijuana border appears to remain as porous as ever.  Only about one in ten vehicles were stopped at all, including ours.  An agent had Miles open the…

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Coastal Capers

Our ferry trip across the Sea of Cortez provided some great scenery and was an opportunity to meet several interesting people – both Mexicans and other travelers.  Unfortunately we did have a few mishaps over the course of the journey.  After a less-then-restful night spent sleeping on the benches in the ship’s restaurant, I headed…

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What’s So Funny?

Chapter 1 “I could never fall asleep on a motorcycle.” Heard that a thousand times. Well, guess what? BONK! Somebody’s helmet keeps getting stuck in my armpit. Easy fix. Turn right. Oops! This bright yellow helmet just keeps rolling back and forth while I swerve around the road.  Can’t stop laughing. While I’m laughing, I almost drive…

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Bullfights and Roadblocks

Meandering through inland Mexico, we passed the third Bullfighting ring that we had seen in one morning. On the side of the road I spotted several dapper young lads in their shiny skin-tight trousers, crisp white shirts and perfectly placed ties – bullfighters-in-training.  If we had been driving  just a little slower I could have…

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