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  1. Hi Miles, Hey great adventure!!! Wish you all the best.
    My friend Jorge Mitre did that trip in 2009 on a BMW GS650 bike and had a great time, but be carefull in Mexico and Colombia.

    Jorge Dascollas

  2. Hi guys – thanks for sending your blog details to us. We’re so excited for you & looking forward to the journey! Lots of love, safe travel to you both, Julie, Mark & the girls & all your family in England xx

    1. Thanks for the well-wishes Julie. It’s great to know that we are connected across the miles!
      Love to everyone.

  3. Beunas dias Amigos,
    Looks like your having an adventure as usual.Looking forward to reading your blogs.The weather is just starting to go north here.
    I’ve just started my Spanish for travelers class at Mount Royal.Luckily I have someone at work to practice with.
    Safe journeys.Mike And Marg

    1. So glad that you have joined our journey Mike and Marg. Wishing we had found the time to take a Spanish class ourselves. Our limited vocubulary is really the only negative thing about our trip so far. Surprisinly Miles’ Spanish is getting better as we go and mine is getting worse. This is surpsising only becuase in all of our other travels it has always been the other way around. I seem to have a mental block with Spanish. It doesn’t help that I keep confusing the words with the bit of Italian that I learned earlier this year.

      Take care and have fun planning your trip to Argentina.

  4. Glad to see how well your adventure is going. Just returned from Ontario which is only a 3300 km drive and in the truck as well so needless to say I am impressed.

    1. Hi Dave and Janet,
      Glad that you made it back to Alberta safely. Hopefully you were able to take some breaks along the way. I’m sure that you’ll be missing the cottage now that the season is over, but hopefully you accomplished a lot on the new buiding and next summer you can just relax and enjoy it.

      We were thinking of you as we went through Guatemala. We decided not to go to Tikal becuase of nasty weather and limited time so we’ll have to enjoy it through your photos and stories.

      Tracey & Miles

  5. Sent a long email to you before i read this so not sure if it goes to you.
    where are you now? we are thinking of you, how is the machine holding up/

    1. Thanks Ken!

      Have a great christmas too! Right now we are in Chile, at the beach enjoying a holiday away from our holiday.

      Well see you soon, Tracey is itching to be ready for summer in her ghia.


  6. hi folks how was England? Not to cold? We arriving wednesday at home after visiting severals hotsprings in Germany now we housing by our son und we have to clean the motorhome. A lot of work for an retired man hehe. Happy flight to calgary. Elsbeth and heinz

    1. Hi Elsbeth and Heinz,
      Glad to hear that you have made it home safely. I’m sure you are enjoying it after two years on the road. England has been much warmer than Germany. In fact we headed to Scotland, and even though it is infamously cold and wet, it was even warmer there than in Germany.The weather gods have been on our side. Try not to exert yourself too much with the motorhome cleanup. You are retired! Relax and take your time.
      Tracey and Miles

  7. Hi Tracey and Miles,
    I met you on the wonderful West Highland train from Mallaig to Glasgow on what was my first of hopefully many train adventures that I hope to make now that I am recently retired. Your adventures inspire me even more and I am now avidly studying the excelllent Thomas Cook book titled “Europe by Rail for Independent Travellers.
    I look forward to studying your past and future adventures on your fascinating web site. I love your “free spirit” for adventure. Glad the weather in UK was kind while you were here, especially Scotland, which had it virtually only dry week since Christmas whe you were there.

    Keith Pratley, Hereford, England

    1. Hello Keith,

      It was a pleasure to have met you on the train and great to hear from you now. We are pleased that you enjoyed the website although as you may have noticed, we still have much updating to do and many stories left to tell. Currently, our travels have us in Japan = a very spontaneous trip with only three days planning. This story may make it to the website someday soon.

      We wish you the best in your continued travels. Please look us up if you ever make it to Western Canada.

      Tracey and Miles

  8. Miles and Tracy,
    It was great meeting and getting to know you last weekend. This is Karl. You guys motivated me and give me some great ideas on packing (toss a bunch of crap out). Okay I get it. I would love to stay in contact. For some reason I can’t email you so here is my email: I am planning a trip down to the tip of South America next year and could use any and all information you can give. Do take care and once again it was great getting to know the both of you. Tracy I hope your wound has all been healed by now.


    1. Hello Karl,

      Our sincere apologies for the tardy response. It was a pleasure meeting you as well and we’d love to stay in touch.

      For the future, Miles’ personal email address is This is probably the best way to stay in touch as it is the email which is checked most frequently. Please let us know how we can be of assistance in your planning for South America.

      Thanks for asking about my wound. After a few tough weeks and a couple more trips to the hospital, it did eventually heal. I’m now left with a nasty scar but absolutely no pain. No more walking like a zombie. Yay!

      We’re now busy with the final preparations for our next adventure in just a few weeks – a rail journey from London to Beijing. I expect we’ll have a few new stories to post here on


  9. It is good to hear from you Tracy. I too am on a trip. Currently I am in Bahrain in the Persian Gulf working. I will be out here in the Gulf until the end of March. Then I am going to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. It is a 500 mile pilgrim trail. I figure it will take me about 40 days.

    It if takes a while for me to respond to you it is because my regular email is currently inaccessible on the Navy ship which I work. Good luck on your trip to China.


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