Shakedown! Our five day test ride to the Horizons Unlimited meeting

Good Day All;

Last week we had an opportunity to visit with old and new friends at the Horizons Unlimited meeting in Nakusp, BC, Canada  (

A great event! We had a ceremonial start to our trip and Grant Johnson the co-founder of Horizons placed the HU decal on the sidecar to begin the adventure.

We camped with the Snowsells; Ken and Charlotte, as well as Sherri Jo Wilkins, an ex-pat living in Australia and continuing her around the world tour – A great time was had by all. Quite a few travelers shared current information about South America and Adrienne shared her new soon-to-be husband who she met on her trip south!

The Ural performed flawlessly and carried all our gear without a hiccup – We are ready!

Eleven days to go and Tracey is disappointed that I’m not excited yet – I’m trying! it’s just been busy out lately. Our ‘smiles and miles’ decals are on the way and we should see them soon. Get them while they’re hot.

Wade helped out and turned all the brake drums on the bike. It stops better than ever now and no more headshake. Thanks Wade.

Now we just have to get on the road!

Happy Trails,


3 thoughts on “Shakedown! Our five day test ride to the Horizons Unlimited meeting

  1. I can’t believe your departure date is sneaking up sooo fast! I am glad the trial run went smoothly and look forward to tidbits of your trip as you go!

    1. Thanks Sherri Jo. Hope all is well in Alaska (or are you already heading south?). Hope to see you again soon.

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